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Patricia Hall (Patricia Hall Real Estate) - Fayetteville, NC


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soon to be ex-tenant
Beware of "Patricia hall real estate". Her business is run from out of her home and she has to be the most greedy and rude person I have literally ever met in my life. My family and I currently reside in one of her poorly kept properties. It took literally years for her to fix anything broken in the home. She randomly raises the rent, breaking her own contract and expects people not to have questions or concerns. If you do, she will belittle you and call you a 'punk'. Lord forbid if you or someone you know can do any type of home improvements, because she will expect any and all improvements to be done by the tenants. With no rent reductions or help of any kind I might add. When I PCS, I'm going to look into having her "company" blacklisted. This barely even scratches the surface with this poor excuse of a business.

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